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Our training and development methodology ensures success because we concentrate on client expectations, performance criteria, employee competency, and expected outcomes.

Through training, Magnus fills the skill gaps or knowledge gaps among the employees.Magnus uses training for acclimating new employees and teach new skills to the current employees for the same job.To make the employees competent enough to face the ever changing markets we consider that training plays a key role.

As technology demands employees to stay abreast of software changes and advancements, and software programs keep changing frequently.

Magnus offers training in the below mentioned manners.

Within the company – We can utilize the services of the existing employees in each skill set category to align them to the real working environment.

Online training – Web-based training (WBT) can be given through either a company’s intranet or through the World Wide Web.

Advantages of WBT:

reduce trainee learning time, by allowing trainees to progress at their own pace.

reduce the cost of training, particularly by reducing costs associated with travelling to a training location.

provide instructional consistency, by offering the same training content to employees worldwide.

allow trainees to learn at their own pace thereby reducing any boredom or anxiety that may occur.

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